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August 27, 1989


AT RISK by Alice Hoffman (Berkley: $4.95). AIDS destroys the idyllic lives of a suburban couple whose daughter contracts the disease.

EVA LUNA by Isabel Allende, translated by Margaret Sayers Peden (Bantam: $4.95). The Latin American novelist evokes a young girl's childhood and coming of age.

BUTTERFLY by Kathryn Harvey (Avon: $4.95). The second story of a Rodeo Drive men's store leads to a sexy world of fantasy for a trio of powerful women.

THE CAT WHO WENT UNDERGROUND by Lilian Jackson Braun (Jove: 3.50). Jim Qwilleran's attempt to vacation in Moose County is abruptly interrupted by murder; good thing he brought help in the form of two sleuthing cats.

TEXAS FEVER by Donald Hamilton (Fawcett Gold Medal: $2.95). Driving his family's longhorns north in the 1860s, Chuck McAuliffe's manhood is tested and honed.


THE GREAT DIVIDE: Second Thoughts on the American Dream by Studs Terkel (Avon: $4.95). Terkel interviews a cross-section of Americans who give voice to "that cleft that has cut us off, one from the other and . . . our very selves."

PALACE: My Life in the Royal Family of Monaco by Baron Christian De Massy and Charles Higham (Berkley: $4.95). De Massy, the Rainers' cousin, promulgates the family secrets in this unauthorized biography.

TOUGH STUFF: The Man in the Middle by Sam Huff with Leonard Shapiro (St. Martin's: $3.95). Huff, an NFL champion, reminisces about how the game was played during nascent television coverage.

STRENGTH FOR THE FIGHT: A History of Black Americans in the Military by Bernard C. Nalty (Free Press: $12.95). Nalty documents 350 years of black participation in the military, from the 1600s through the 1980s.

THE MAKING OF MCPAPER: The Inside Story of USA Today by Peter S. Prichard (St. Martin's: $5.95). How Gannett executive Al Neuharth applied the techniques of TV to print--with unexpected results.


MONEY TALKS by Bob Rosefsky (McGraw-Hill: $16.95). Rosefsky answers fundamental questions about how the economy works and relates to the individual.

HOW TO BECOME A UNITED STATES CITIZEN by Sally Abel Schreuder (Nolo: $12.95). A guide to becoming a U.S. citizen; includes latest amnesty information.

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