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Facts Ignored Over Taylor Ranch University Site

August 31, 1989

What really galls me about the people that oppose educational programs is their sheer disregard for the facts and the needs of the community. The circus-like antics by those opposed to the Taylor Ranch university site is a case in point. They claim, for example:

"The owner does not wish to sell." We now know these people did not know what they were talking about.

"It is the wrong location." The university needs space and proximity to freeways. It needs easy access, and it needs to be somewhat isolated, not in Oxnard on a site that is too small or in east Ventura, where congestion is already out of control.

"Dr. Smart, the CSU spokesperson, indicated that the university would have 2,000 students, when in reality there will be many more." Smart was probably discussing the Learning Center and not the long-range plan for a full-scale university. Ventura College has, at times, had nearly 10,000 students on 100 acres and in a congested area. Is there something wrong with 10,000 on 465 acres in a non-congested area?

"It will pollute the Ventura River." Rivers and men have never lived well together? If that is true, the city of San Buenaventura, between two rivers, is in the wrong place. What's next from the opposition?

If they run true to form, it will be: "It is the wrong time," "The cattle do not wish to move" and "Ventura kids do not need an education." Possibly a plebiscite in the city of San Buenaventura to decide the issue for the entire county. The cost to Ventura taxpayers: $50,000. Do we have $50,000 so we can be another circus act?



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