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Raiders Shouldn't Blame Fans for Their Troubles

September 02, 1989

The Los Angeles Raiders' home crowd continues to decline in number. So, what's the problem?

Maybe it's that the Raiders have the worst three-year record in their history? No that's not the problem, but it would be nice for them to win a few more.

Maybe it's that there have been a number of Raider personnel turnovers, such as quarterbacks, coaches, etc.? No, but it would be nice to have a stronger family unit.

Maybe it's that the Coliseum is in need of major reconstruction and there are substandard conditions for viewing the games? No, but the grand ol' lady sure could use a face lift.

Maybe it's that the Raiders are talking move again? Now, you got it. Because the former Coliseum Commission president did not honor his commitment to Al Davis, L.A. fans are preparing themselves for their second divorce. Remember when the Rams packed their bags?

Davis keeps setting the dinner table and expects us to come. But, he warns, he may be in Oakland or Sacramento entertaining a few new friends when we arrive. That's the problem.

This can be simply solved. Davis and Dick Riordan, the new head of the Coliseum Commission, should mend the relationship, renew the lease and formalize the plan to refurbish the Coliseum.

After that, the Raiders should sign up Marcus Allen and just win, baby.


Studio City

Editor's note: The contract signed by the Coliseum Commission and the Raiders contains no provision for renovation of the Coliseum and it was specifically stated by both parties when the contract was signed that there were no unwritten side agreements. Further, in the Coliseum-Raider lawsuit, the court held that there also were no oral promises. As for Marcus Allen, he ended his holdout Friday.

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