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HIGH LIFE : Should All-Boys' Teams Be Good Sports?

September 08, 1989

There are boys' and girls' basketball teams, boys' and girls' soccer squads, boys' and girls' volleyball teams, and the list goes on. But where are the girls' football, wrestling, baseball and water polo teams?

What outlets are available for athletic girls whose talents may be best applied to traditionally male-dominated sports?

Hot Topics wonders: "Should a girl be permitted to try out for a boys' athletic team at school if she has the ability? Why or why not?"

"Most definitely. Boys and girls are equal."

Clementine Latimer, 17, junior, Cypress

"If she can do the same, then why not? Just because she's a girl doesn't mean she can't do anything."

Michelle Fehner, 16, sophomore, Cypress

"I don't think that she should. She should play with the girls."

Chad Triplett, 14, freshman, Cypress

"Why not?"

Don Jacks, 16, junior, Cypress

"Girls should be allowed to play any sport they want, whether guys are on (the team) or not."

Stephanie Triplett, 16, junior, Cypress

"If the girl has the ability, then there is no reason she shouldn't try out."

Natalie Reed, 15, junior, Fullerton

"Girls should try out for sports. If they're good enough, then there is no reason not to."

Kim Arel, 16, junior, Fullerton

"As long as there's no other girls' team equivalent."

Danny Gaon, 17, senior, Fullerton

"No, because, well, why would a girl want to compete with the guys?"

Cheri Beaman, 17, senior, Fullerton

"Girls should be allowed to try out because they don't offer as many sports for girls and they're restricting their athletic ability."

Breck Jones, 17, senior, Irvine

"If a woman is equal to a man in a sport or any other activity, why should society put restrictions on her?"

Amy Aitkin, 17, senior, Irvine

"I believe in women's liberation, nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all."

Rachel Gillespie, 16, senior, Irvine

"If a team such as softball already exists for girls, then she should be on that team. If there is none, then a girl should have the opportunity to be on the boys' team."

Jeannie Wang, 15, junior, Los Alamitos

"If she can be competitive with boys, a girl should be allowed to play on the boys' team. However, if the team is one like football, she shouldn't expect any special treatment. She should expect to receive the same physical injuries the boys get."

Adina Nack, 16, senior, Los Alamitos

"A few years ago, a girl joined the boys' freshman football team and she proved to be a valuable asset. (Because) she was allowed to join the team, other girls should be, too."

Lisa Reyes, 17, senior, Los Alamitos

"I'm a male cheerleader, which is almost the reverse situation. If guys are allowed to join traditionally female activities, girls should be allowed to be on boys' teams, too."

Ryan Murphy, 17, senior, Los Alamitos

"If a girl has the ability, she should be allowed to do the harder work and be given a chance to excel."

Mary Fekjar, 17, senior, Los Alamitos

"It depends on the sport because if it's football or violent sports, she could easily get hurt."

Bart Henderson, 14, freshman, Marina

"If there's no alternative. I don't see why a girl should try out for a boys' basketball team if there is a girls' basketball team, but if it's wrestling or football, she can try out if she has the ability."

Pamela Lu, 17, senior, Marina

"If she's not allowed to, that would be sexist."

Nina Nguyen, 17, senior, Marina

"They shouldn't discriminate against her because of her sex, just like they don't discriminate because of race."

Larissa Mohamadi, 16, senior, Marina

"If she's just as good as a guy, then she should be allowed to play on a guy's team."

Kevin Esparza, 17, senior, Orange

"Only if there isn't any comparable sport offered for girls and only if she's willing to let guys try out for an all-girl sports (team), like volleyball."

Adrienne Turner, 16, senior, Orange

"If anybody--not just a girl--has the ability, they should be able to try out for anything they want."

Sara Viveros, 16, junior, Orange

"If she can keep up with the guys, why not?"

Marco Montenegro, 15, sophomore, Orange

"A team should use all the assets it has, regardless of the sex."

Geoff McIntosh, 16, senior, Orange

"Since boys with poor skills in a sport are still permitted a fair chance to try out, then why shouldn't girls who display adequate skills in a sport be allowed to do the same?"

Grace Fu, 14, sophomore, Pacifica

"It's a free country and girls should be allowed to do whatever they want, but they should be prepared for the physical exertion as well as criticism from others."

Werner Abrajano, 17, senior, Pacifica

"If she has the ability, then why shouldn't a girl be allowed to try out?"

Patti Alvarado, 17, senior, Pacifica

"Definitely. I don't think the admission of sports should be based on sex but on ability."

Donna Scott, 16, senior, Savanna

"If she can do it, why shouldn't she be allowed to play?"

Tracy McKelvey, 17, senior, Savanna

"Yeah, but it also depends on the sport. If it is football, then she shouldn't because the guys are built larger and she may get hurt."

Melanie Barrera, 16, junior, Savanna

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