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Diamond Bar Council Should Study State Law

September 21, 1989

Dictatorship is alive and well, and if you have any doubts, just attend a Diamond Bar City Council meeting.

I attended one on Sept. 5 and was shocked and appalled by the way it was conducted.

I might suggest to this council that they study the Brown Act very carefully as they are constantly in violation. Robert's Rules and Order is another piece of literature they should consider reading.

I was treated with politeness, and for that, I thank them, but this same courtesy was not extended to every speaker from the audience.

One man from the audience had some comments on an agenda item. After three minutes of speaking, the mayor began to interrupt him. She continued to disrupt his speech and constantly reminded him that he had only a five-minute time slot. If I am not mistaken, that five-minute time limit applies only to the "public comment" segment of the agenda. In the past meetings, speakers have come forward to comment on agenda subjects and taken up to 30 minutes.

Seems to me that our council is more concerned about who the speaker is than the time used. This is the fourth time this man has appeared before the council, and he has been treated in the same manner.

As a resident of Diamond Bar, I expect all of our city staff, council members and especially our mayor to leave their personal problems at home along with their likes and dislikes and perform their service to the people without prejudice or malice.

These people were elected by the populace and are expected to represent them, not dictate.


Diamond Bar

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