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Workers' Claims Office Move Questioned

September 21, 1989

For 30 years, the Workers Compensation Appeals Board has had an office in Ventura for the adjudication of work injuries. It is well situated with adequate parking, proximity to the government center, freeway and public transportation. It is also in, and next to, the largest and fourth-largest cities in Ventura County.

The state has recently remodeled the building and has, within the last month, installed up-to-date computers with dedicated electrical outlets and wiring. It is a model office, especially when compared to other regional officers such as Van Nuys were overcrowded conditions make it unbearable.

Now the state has announced its decision to move it to Los Angeles County because of demographics. No one was consulted, and no one was asked for input prior to the decision.

I oppose this decision. So does Rep. Bob Lagomarsino (R-Ventura), state Sen. Gary K. Hart (D-Santa Barbara), Assemblyman Jack O'Connell (D-Carpinteria), the board's employees, the injured workers, the judges, the lawyers, the insurance carriers, the Ventura County Bar Assn. and Channel Counties Legal Services.

It simply does not make sense because it is illogical and bad business. No private company would waste that much money in remodeling computers and wiring one month before making a decision to move 34 miles away.



The author is an attorney specializing in workers compensation.

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