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HIGH LIFE : If You Could Change Schools, Where Would You Go?

September 22, 1989

"Be true to your school," was the Beach Boys' advice in the early '60s.

However, today--with the voucher system and its emphasis on freedom of choice being one of the country's hottest debate topics--remaining loyal to a high school goes far beyond cheering for the football team.

Hot Topics wonders: "If you could attend any other high school in Orange County, which would it be and why?"

"Calvary Chapel, because they meet to sing praise songs before and after school."

Kenny Alma, 15, freshman, Bethel Baptist

"Mater Dei, because it has a godly atmosphere that makes it a good school."

Mike Swanson, 14, freshman, Bethel Baptist

"I left Bethel Baptist to go to a public school last year. I found a bigger variety of classes, but teachers who didn't really care. I could give that up any day for a school like this."

Kathleen Boughton, 15, sophomore, Bethel Baptist

"Mater Dei, because it has a great educational system. There are many friendly and spirited people there, and the teachers are really involved in the school."

Jennifer Puckett, 14, freshman, Bolsa Grande

"Los Amigos, because its water polo team is very dedicated. They spend a lot of time practicing."

Chris King, 17, junior, Bolsa Grande

"Marina, because it has a great educational system, beautiful campus and a great performing arts association."

Karen Puckett, 16, junior, Bolsa Grande

"Servite, mainly because 92% of its students attend college after graduating and because it has a great sports program."

Fred Ornelas, 16, junior, Bolsa Grande

"Brea-Olinda, because it has newer facilities and a new atmosphere."

Aron Karney, 14, freshman, Buena Park

"Kennedy, because I know everybody there. I know a lot more people there."

Mark Farris, 14, freshman, Buena Park

"I guess if I had to, I'd go to Sunny Hills, but I'd rather stay here. It's better here."

Trent Baker, 16, junior, Buena Park

"Kennedy, because it's close to my house."

Julie Egenberger, 15, sophomore, Buena Park

"Orange, because it's a really good school and they've got a cute mascot--the panther."

Rita Mercado, 16, junior, Connelly

"Sunny Hills, because it has outstanding academics, or Santa Margarita, because it has horse stables."

Irene Ghafoori, 15, freshman, Connelly

"Mater Dei, because it has excellent teachers and lots of extracurricular activities."

Kristin Sujita, 14, freshman, Connelly

"Cerritos, because it's co-ed and there are no uniforms."

Roseangel Lizardi, 16, sophomore, Connelly

"Los Alamitos, because it has a good cheer squad."

Mike Katz, 16, junior, Cypress

"University, because it sends the most people to Harvard."

Nancy Lee, 16, junior, Dana Hills

"Santa Margarita, because it seems like a really neat school because it's so into athletics."

Kim Haas, 15, sophomore, Dana Hills

"San Clemente, because a lot of my good friends went there and it's smaller."

Shawn Wehan, 14, freshman, Dana Hills

"Sonora, because I've got a lot of friends there."

Karen Irons, 15, sophomore, Fullerton

"Rosary (an all-girls' school) . . . well it's self-explanatory."

Matt Dalla Corte, 16, junior, Fullerton

"Saddleback, because I know a lot of people who go to that school."

Jessica Weimer, 17, senior, Irvine

"Century, because it's new."

Mike Elliot, 16, junior, Irvine

"University, because I heard it was a good school."

Jennifer Lee, 17, senior, Irvine

"Cypress, because it has central air conditioning."

Kevin Optahl, 17, senior, Kennedy

"Trabuco Hills, because of the football exposure I'd get there."

Trevor Watters, 17, senior, Kennedy

"Cypress, because of all the different types of people and it has less gang activity."

Brian Lind, 17, senior, Kennedy

"Pacifica, because it would be so convenient. It's just down the street from my house."

Jeff Hertzig, 17, senior, Los Alamitos

"Esperanza, because I have friends there and it's the most like my school."

Joanne Kim, 16, senior, Los Alamitos

"El Toro, because it has a better band."

Ryan Nordstrom, 17, senior, Los Alamitos

"Mater Dei, because it's a good Catholic school."

Samantha Reams, 17, senior, Los Alamitos

"Cypress, because it's in a nicer area and it is the only other high school in the vicinity that I know what it's like."

Patrick Shriver, 16, junior, Los Alamitos

"University, because of its fine academics. It has more facilities and is not a prison."

Steve Ray, 16, junior, Marina

"Fountain Valley, because it has better lockers."

Chris Wengu, 13, freshman, Marina

"Century, because it's a new high school with excellent facilities."

Curtis Chan, 15, sophomore, Marina

"Newport Harbor, because I like Newport Beach."

Alice Nguyen, 17, senior, Marina

"Capistrano Valley, because it has a good reputation as a public school and it is close to home so I can sleep in longer."

Jennifer Gallagher, 17, senior, Mater Dei

"Santa Margarita, because it offers a good education and is most like Mater Dei."

Brian Johnson, 15, sophomore, Mater Dei

"Corona del Mar, because it is close to the beach and it has a good academic program."

Jenny Owens, 17, senior, Mater Dei

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