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Into the Night

September 25, 1989|BETTY GOODWIN

The Scene: A screening and dessert reception for MGM's anti-apartheid release, "A Dry White Season," starring Marlon Brando, Donald Sutherland, Zakes Mokae, Susan Sarandon and Janet Suzman, at the Directors Guild Theatre. While the event raised $70,000 for the Hollywood Policy Center, MGM pledged another $150,000 in the name of Brando, who worked for scale in what is his first film appearance in a decade. Center director Marjorie Tabankin said funds will be divided between groups in the United States and South Africa that are "struggling for a democratic and free South Africa."

Don't-Hold-Your-Breath-Department: A drop-in by Brando wasn't even in the cards.

The Buzz: Members of the audience weren't the only ones feeling drained from the emotionally wrenching movie. Sutherland was pooped. "I've been working all day--press," he said with a sigh. Ditto for director Euzhan Palcy, a stunning beauty. "I'm so exhausted," she said. "I've been on tour. I did Seattle, Toronto, Chicago, Washington, New York, Boston, San Francisco, L.A., and now I'm going to Paris. I have to take vitamin B-12 shots to help me."

Who Was There: Heavy hitters at every turn. Zakes Mokae from the cast, producer Paula Weinstein with husband Mark Rosenberg. Plus Lee Rich, Bud Yorkin, Alan Ladd Jr., Barry Hirsch, John Landis, Michael Ritchie, George Schlatter, Polly Bergen, Debbie Allen, Marlee Matlin, Harry Hamlin, Whoopi Goldberg, Donna Mills, Roddy McDowall, Howard Hesseman, Danny Glover. Arriving in pairs: Amy Irving and Bruno Beretta, Danny DeVito and Carol Kane, Cyndy Garvey and Bill Lagattuta.

Dress Mode:

The Italian power suit (translation: Armani). Sutherland's was navy; Weinstein chose brown. Lindiwe Mabuza of the African National Congress wore a West African buba. Palcy wore a tight, black Azzedine Alaia mini.

The Food: More sweets than one human being could consume in a lifetime. Among them were frozen It's-It, Rondos and Haagen- Dazs ice cream bars; apple strudel, mascarpone torte, chocolate pate, caramel corn and an assortment of pies and cakes. To drink: Wine, water, cappuccino (regular and decaf).

Quoted: "The movie made me hungry for more Brando," proclaimed director Henry Jaglom. "He filled those two scenes with such incredible power it was just overwhelming."

Overheard: "Don't some of the movie stars seem taller?" a well-dressed man wondered aloud to no one in particular. "It could be psychological that they seem bigger than they are."

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