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Bruce Horovitz' Story on Minorities in Public Relations Should Have Included All Colors

October 01, 1989

Talk about a misleading headline.

The Bruce Horovitz column didn't address what it promised: an up-to-date report on the industry's quest to improve employment opportunities for under-represented ethnic groups in communications.

In the article, Horovitz writes about the challenges facing "minority" public relations practitioners and focuses almost exclusively on the black experience. While we applaud such reporting efforts and agree with the observations made by the black professionals who were quoted, we must take issue with Horovitz' definition of "minority."

Why did Horovitz neglect to interview professionals from other under-represented groups, in particular Latinos or Asians who make up two significant minority populations in Los Angeles? Certainly it is not for lack of sources, such as the Hispanic Public Relations Assn., which has been "doing something about the 'unmentionable' problem of jobs for minorities" for five years.

As the most influential newspaper on the West Coast, many look to The Times to provide an accurate portrayal of the challenges facing L.A., the nation's most ethnically diverse major city. Please broaden your definition to include other points of view.



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Los Angeles

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