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Jump-Starting the Tour

October 06, 1989| Compiled by the Fashion staff

Grace Jones looks great in everything, even a pair of automobile jumper cables. That's what she had wrapped around her waist and hips when she visited the Georgette Klinger salon in Beverly Hills recently. Her other accessories were "huge Chanel gold-and-pearl earrings, the biggest I've ever seen," says salon manager Maureen Dunbar. Before Jones--and her cables--hit the road again, she stocked up on beauty supplies and had a four-mask facial treatment.

That Matchabelli Girl

Andie MacDowell may be the much-talked about star of "sex, lies and videotape," but her upcoming role as spokesperson for a new Prince Matchabelli fragrance is shrouded in secrecy. Even the name of the scent is hush-hush, although Listen did learn from someone in the know that "the theme of the fragance is the moon and the stars" and MacDowell was signed for the advertising campaign before her latest movie hit. The mystery scent will go on sale next spring in department stores and will be the first Prince Matchabelli fragrance, Wind Song included, not to be sold immediately in drug stores and other mass merchandisers.

Survey of Smackers

Is Jessica Rabbit really more kissable than Liz Taylor? And would more women really rather smooch with the Joker than with Batman? Yes, according to a survey of men and women over 18 conducted by Herpecin-L Lip Balm. Asked "Which well-known personalities do you find most kissable?" Male respondents said they'd much rather make kissy-face with Ms. Rabbit than Malcolm Forbes' favorite date, La Liz. And although Batman Michael Keaton was outscored by his on-screen nemesis, Jack Nicholson, neither could match the kissability of Mad Max Mel Gibson, whose most Lethal Weapon must be his lips. Super-pouts Michelle Pfeiffer and Kim Basinger get the most male votes for pucker power.

Make Mine Mink

If you caught "Sweet Bird of Youth," the Tennessee Williams play, on television Sunday, surely you noticed the mink coat that Elizabeth Taylor wore so very, very often. Seems that Taylor became so attached to the coat that once shooting was over she simply had to have it. After all it was made especially for her, at her request, by furrier Merrill Lowell, now of Somper Lowell furs. The ranch-raised mink coat was slightly worn by then, so she didn't have to pay the full retail price. Said Somper Lowell spokesperson Jeffrey Lehman, "Ms. Taylor is a very old client--wait, don't say old, that connotes the wrong idea. She's a good client, so Merrill gave her a special price." Goodness triumphs again.

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