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Congressman's Screenplay: Will It Fly? : Movies: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's 'The French Doctoresse' has come under some sharp criticism as amateurish, but his agent says a contract is near.


development among the good-guy/bad-guy German officers, but again, writer simply does not demonstrate the requisite skill. The same is true of the various Resistance figures, good and bad.

STRUCTURE: One itches to slash at least a third of the useless footage and substitute both character development and a clearer, less rambling plot which gets to the money faster. Time after time, writer has people announce what they are going to do, do it, and then talk about it. ... no amount of cutting could salvage a property which is basically talk, talk, talk. (Incidentally, all sorts of details throughout the script are inauthentic, reflecting some very slipshod research.) The pretentious use of doctoresse is offputting. It subtly echoes Negress and Jewess ," both carrying pejorative nuances.

CONCLUSION: It is unfortunately all too easy to find fault with an amateur script which has basically nothing to offer. But in good conscience, it cannot be recommended.

Sara Meric, International Story Consultants EXCERPT FROM THE SCRIPT H itler stands in a hallway, talking to an aide. The sound of music and people talking can be heard. HITLER: Is it the usual guest list this evening?

AIDE: With one exception. Your sculptor . . . has invited a friend. She is a doctor who is married to a French pilot. She has an interesting story. Her husband was arrested as a terrorist. She, on the other hand, became a doctor for the German air force last year and recently saved the lives of a number of our airmen.

HITLER: Where is her husband now?

AIDE: In one of the camps.

In the reception room. Jeanne addresses Hitler in a rush. JEANNE: Mein Herr. I came to remind you of your decree that for everyone who saved a German life, a life could be expected in return. My husband is a prisoner.

HITLER: Ah. The French doctoresse. (pause). Madame, I have just this moment given the order to locate your husband, clothe him and surrender him to your care. Coincidentally, tonight we are having a French-style dinner. So, let us come to the table. You may consider this evening in your honor.

JEANNE: I am just so happy.

Sara Meric, International Story Consultants

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