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Westwood : Art Show Smaller in Park

October 12, 1989

The 40th Westwood Art Show was held last weekend in its new location in Westwood Park, with about two-thirds the number of booths the event customarily had when it was held on the streets of the village.

According to Sue Aspaturian, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Business Council, which sponsors the semiannual show, the new location got mixed reviews from the artists and crafts people. "Some were happy. Some were less happy and would like to go back to the village," Aspaturian said.

The art show was ejected from the village by disgruntled merchants who said their weekend business was hurt, despite the huge influx of people. They, along with homeowners, also complained that the show had deteriorated into a tacky bazaar.

Aspaturian said the gross receipts were down in proportion to the fewer number of vendors, which she blamed on the limited time available to mount the show in its new location.

Though Aspaturian said the turnout was good, several artists complained that business wasn't nearly what it had been in Westwood Village. The artists reported logistical difficulty in setting up their booths Saturday.

"Any time there's a change, there are complications and glitches we couldn't foresee," said Aspaturian.

She said the Los Angeles Business Council, lead by Dori Pye, has not decided whether to lobby to have the spring show back in the village.

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