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Into the Night

October 16, 1989|KEVIN ALLMAN

The Scene: Thursday's premiere of "Look Who's Talking," the new comedy from Tri-Star. It was held at the verrrry crowded Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, with a buffet supper afterward.

The Charity: Earth Communications Office (ECO), a young Hollywood charity that "encourages the dissemination of environmental information" through the entertainment media.

Who Was There: The film's stars Kirstie Alley and John Travolta; director Amy Heckerling; producer Jonathan Krane; and a bevy of industry types, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Olivia Newton-John, Tina Yothers and Rhea Perlman.

Dress Code: As at all screenings, there were two permissible modes of dress: power suits for those who wished to look like Hollywood executives, and leather jackets and long hair for those who wished to look like self-styled creative types.

Chow: In keeping with ECO's policies, Ambrosia catered a mostly vegetarian feast with organic fruit, including vegetable sushi, sugarless desserts, radicchio tacos and tofu empanadas . There were even separate garbage cans for all the plastic and paper waste, which allowed Hollywood executives, who are accustomed to recycling plot lines, the chance to recycle more temporal goods.

Noted: One local health-food store had erected a display of "natural baby products," including organic baby powder, a book entitled "If You Love Me, Don't Feed Me Junk!" and--for toddlers with high cholesterol counts--oat bran animal crackers.

Quoted: "I haven't slept in three days," moaned an unshaven John Travolta, who had flown into L.A. on a private jet just for the evening.

Triumphs: If healthy food can be made this appealing at all premieres, we might be able to jettison Hollywood's infamously unpalatable benefit cuisine once and for all.

Glitches: Once again, it was demonstrated that the Academy's screening room holds many more people than does the building's lobby. Help! Guests would have gladly traded their tofu for some oxygen.

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