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World Series Pushed Back Till Friday

October 23, 1989|From Associated Press

"I've been told 250 officers, more than twice what is needed at Candlestick, would be available," he said.

Vincent said the chances of the World Series being cancelled or moved out of the Bay area are "totally unlikely."

"The people of San Francisco waited 27 years for this World Series, and what I think we're doing is giving them what they've waited for," Vincent said.

"My judgment is that this community is better served by playing the World Series. But we did consider canceling it. We did give it some thought."

Agnos added: "So did I."

Earlier this week, when Game 3 when still tentatively set for Tuesday, Vincent said he preferred that there would not be an off-day once the series resumed.

Vincent said the teams will not play next Monday because, "Monday hasn't been a day the World Series played."

The reason for that, however, is because baseball has not wanted to get into a television competition with Monday night football, although it did happen in 1986, when rain pushed back Game 7 between the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets.

ABC, which has television rights to the World Series, also televises the NFL's Monday night package and is scheduled to show the game between the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants.

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