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Lynwood : Firm Appeals Denial of Permit for Incinerator

October 26, 1989

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has denied a permit to allow a chemical manufacturing company in Lynwood to continue burning hazardous waste in a small incinerator the company has operated at its plant for years.

Emission tests show that Cargill Inc. failed to meet stringent federal regulations, according to the EPA.

The company, which is appealing the ruling, may continue operating until the appeal process is concluded. The company is currently operating the plant under a permit from the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

Cargill employs 83 workers at its plant, which is in an industrial area on the east side of Lynwood, surrounded by residential areas. Cargill manufactures resins that are used in plastic and paint products.

Cargill uses the incinerator to burn the waste gases and water generated from the resin manufacturing process. The incinerator must be able to destroy 99.99% of waste products or organic toxic compounds such as dioxane and formaldehyde.

Test results in 1988 showed that the incinerator completely destroyed one of four compounds, said Lori Johnson, company spokesman. Test results were inconclusive on the other three, Johnson said.

More recent test results for 1989 have been submitted to the EPA. The company expects the permit will be granted once EPA officials review the latest tests, Johnson said.

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