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Other Views: I.M. Pei's Headquarters for CAA

November 05, 1989

Every day, as I read our L.A. Times I ask myself "Do I like the new format?"

It is not an easy question to answer, but the Oct. 22 Sunday Times spurred me to compliment you on your Real Estate section.

But what motivated me to write was the article written by Leon Whiteson on the I. M. Pei building for the Creative Artists Agency.

He describes the building glowingly, which I have eagerly watched being built, but also states that such a "building doesn't seem to fit where it is placed." Granted it may be true, but doesn't it stand out among the mishaps that have been built along that prestigious Wilshire area, one building more unattractive than the other.

At last I. M. Pei has finally come into our area! We are truly honored.

We welcome him, as I believe he is a very fine, and maybe one of the greatest architects in our world today.


Los Angeles

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