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Pomona Resident Lists the 'Positives'

November 09, 1989

After reading your article on Pomona in the San Gabriel Valley section of The Times (Oct. 29), I feel I should have my turn to tell of some positives of our city.

We have the finest drinking water in the Valley. When friends who have moved away return they always comment on how they have missed our good "Pomona water."

Through the years we have developed a drainage system for our streets that assures they will remain dry when rain and melting snow from the mountains descends on us (streets in neighboring communities are impassable rivers at such times).

We have three railroad underpasses that assure free flow of traffic when trains are passing through.

Pomona is the home of the Los Angeles County Fair, the largest county fair in the United States.

The Pomona Valley Hospital and Medical Center offers outstanding services in oncology, critical care for babies with a neonatal unit, the Stead Heart Center is equipped for open-heart surgery and cardiac catheterization. The kidney center uses the new lithotripter.

I mention these medical services to point out that we are a community who cares about life and the living.

We have many churches and lovely neighborhoods.

Our populace consists of Caucasians, Afro-Americans, Hispanics and Asians. Most neighborhoods are a mix of these--living side by side in an orderly manner.

Pomona is a true American city.


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