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FISHING NOTES : Cabrillo Museum Study Trip Provides Exciting Look at Sea Life

November 09, 1989|DAN STANTON

The Cabrillo Marine Museum sponsored its first in a series of ecology marine study trips over the weekend.

Larry Fukuhara, the museum's program director, selected a group who showed interest in the study of marine life. The Shogun out of L.A. Harbor Sportfishing was equipped for a trip to Catalina Island with gear for observing marine activity.

The Shogun was just an hour out in the channel when four playful dolphins put on a show on both sides of the boat's bow.

When the boat reached Catalina just before daylight, floodlights were turned on so everyone could see how squid float and are brought into waiting nets.

Lloyd Ellis, marine diver for the museum, made dives and brought up many sea creatures and some kelp. He also surfaced with sharks he had baited, which were tagged and released.

Traps brought up calico bass, perch and whitefish, all of which were released after studies.

Fukuhara said more trips will be offered as part of a series he calls "Above and Below Catalina Marine Ecology Studies."

Tours of the museum's tanks, holding many exotic fish, are available Tuesday through Sunday.

Tim Yarbrough of Torrance was first-place finisher in the 13th annual Dive and Surf lobster contest.

He brought up seven lobsters of legal limit with a total weight of 45 pounds. The contest was sponsored by Redondo Beach Dive and Surf stores, which launch the lobster season opener every year in October. About 300 divers participated in this year's contest.

South Bay Catches: Charles Pfluven of Long Beach, fishing aboard the El Dorado on a two-day albacore trip, caught the whopper of the week when he brought to gaff a 46-pound yellowfin tuna.

Thelma Sorenson of Carson, fishing at the oil rigs aboard the Hitless Miss, won the jackpot with a 29 1/2-pound yellowtail.

Chang Chow of Santa Monica, aboard the Spitfire, used cut squid to win the jackpot with a 24 1/2-pound Santa Monica Bay halibut.

Richard Cox of Torrance, on the Sea Spray at Twin Roads, caught a 24-pound halibut.

Paul Chatelain of Carson, fishing at Catalina Island aboard the Sportking, cinched the jackpot with a 22 1/4-pound yellowtail.

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