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Culver City : Agency Rules Loosened

November 09, 1989

The Redevelopment Agency has given its staff broader authority to award small contracts for projects without prior approval from the agency.

Under the new policies approved Monday, the executive director or assistant executive director can:

Award contracts of up to $10,000 for landscaping, traffic studies, soil testing and other professional services.

Award contracts of up to $5,000 for capital projects without going through formal bidding procedures.

Get informal bids, without advertising in newspapers and in the community, for supply and equipment purchases up to $20,000.

The top staff members may also authorize amendments in contracts that would cost up to 10% of the original contract amount or a maximum of $25,000.

Previously, the director and assistant could spend no more than $500 without specific approval.

The new policies are similar to those of other Culver City agencies, officials said.

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