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KUCI to Salute Past as It Braces for Major Changes

November 16, 1989|MIKE BOEHM

"It is a student-run radio station, and that's certainly not going to change," Jones said. She said the question of who should have final say over the station's policies and on-air product--the student broadcasters or the university administration--will be one issue to be discussed over the rest of the academic year as she and station members formulate a plan for operating and funding KUCI. "I would hope we could come to some consensus," Jones said.

The KUCI staff's contention that the station should offer programming not available on other stations is "legitimate," Jones said. However, "we need to be aware that the radio station exists for those people who listen to it. We need to offer something they would value, and not duplicate something they can find somewhere else."

Assessing listener preferences, implementing a fund-raising drive for KUCI, tapping station alumni for their ideas on how it should operate, and soliciting advice from campus broadcasters elsewhere in the UC system are among the items Jones said will be on her agenda in the coming months.

Michaelis said there is room for improvement at KUCI: "Some programmers are great, and there are others who just kind of go off. (We don't want to have) people go on the air and talk about the party (they were at) last night. It turns people off. It becomes a private joke kind of thing."

Stockdale said boosting KUCI's power will be a key to improving its quality. He thinks that along with more wattage will come more prestige and attention for the station, which in turn will result in a healthy abundance of aspiring broadcasters competing for on-air slots.

The availability of funding for that long-hoped-for power boost remains to be discussed, Stockdale said. But the change of administration over the station has inspired some high expectations.

"It'll put KUCI on a straight and narrow path toward professionalism and upgrading and continuity," Stockdale said.

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