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Council Cites Lack of Need, Rejects 20,000-Seat Stadium


The Glendale City Council on Tuesday turned down a proposal for a 20,000-seat municipal stadium and asked its staff to instead pursue the possibility of expanding Glendale High School's Moyse Field.

The council unanimously approved a report from Parks Director Nello Iacono suggesting there is not a strong need for such a facility in Glendale.

A survey of representatives from community organizations asking them to rank the need for seven different types of facilities indicated that a municipal stadium placed sixth, Iacono said.

Respondents also stated they thought the 10,000-seat Moyse Field stadium adequate for athletic events and special activities, Iacono said in a presentation at the council meeting.

The council had asked the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commission to determine whether there is a need for such a facility in the community after a residents' group requested the council to consider building a 20,000-seat municipal stadium on land east of the Route 2 Freeway and north of Mountain Street that had been set aside for parks.

The commission sent questionnaires to representatives of 20 Glendale organizations that possibly would use a municipal stadium. These representatives included directors of the local schools' athletic departments, youth and adult sports organizations, the Glendale YMCA and the Glendale Symphony Orchestra Assn.

Iacono said those organizations showed a preference for community practice and game facilities instead of a municipal stadium.

The commission also contacted six other agencies around Southern California that operate stadiums similar in size and use to that proposed for Glendale. Iacono reported that those stadiums are administered and maintained either by community college or school districts.

The residents' group had wanted the municipal stadium to be funded, constructed and operated by the city. They also said Moyse Field is not large enough for the community.

However, Iacono told the council that Moyse Field rarely is sold out and adequately accommodates spectators, though it does not have adequate parking for large events.

Councilman Carl Raggio said in an interview he felt it would be preferable to study the cost of expanding Moyse Field and its parking facilities rather than build a municipal stadium.

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