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A Story That Made a Special Contribution

November 17, 1989

David Larsen's article, "A Mideast Oasis of Peace," (View, Oct. 20) is a very good example of how, in this age of information and communication, we still do not know about so many important and isolated things happening around the globe.

Until Larsen wrote about Neve Shalom-Oasis of Peace and informed us readers at large of its very special program in Israel, the School of Peace, I assume most of us were practically ignorant of its existence.

The diversity of special articles on hidden subjects, with their important details, and the people who write them do contribute a lot to the world in which we live, in very special ways.

Larsen's article relates the vision of hope based on tolerance and respect to our human differences. It also shows how tomorrow will depend progressively on the information and education we get today.

I am not suggesting that the tiny village of Neve Shalom will bring utopian peace to the planet Earth, nor, particularly, to that part of the world--at least, as we can all imagine, not any time soon!

But today, as we live in a world of conflict, despair and disappointment, your article informed us about the people who have chosen another alternative to violence and harsh rhetoric--the alternative of dialogue and peace.


Los Angeles

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