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Entrepreneurs Discover Value of Working Model

December 01, 1989|JANE APPLEGATE

Jack Nadel, a veteran exporter and author of "Passport to Prosperity, Tales of a Yankee Trader," says he can't understand why the public hasn't reacted more strongly to the recent purchase of several Los Angeles landmarks, including the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Riviera Country Club, by foreign investors. "We have to sell our products, not our assets," said Nadel, who started his export career in 1946 by buying surplus U.S. Army olive drab material, dyeing it blue and selling it to the Chinese.

Nadel, now chairman and president of Nadel Worldwide in West Los Angeles, has written a readable, informative book to help small- and medium-sized business owners get over their fears of exporting.

He said the country can no longer count on big business to solve the foreign trade imbalance. Nadel believes that small companies have a great advantage over large ones because they can move much faster to export products needed by consumers in other countries.

"The trade war is going on in full fury and we are losing," Nadel told members of the Beverly Hills Rotary Club this week.

Nadel, who recently traveled to Japan with U.S. Commerce Department officials, said the government should send business people rather than politicians to negotiate trade agreements with other countries.

He also said the U.S. government must restore tax incentives for businesses that export goods.

Nadel's book is available at Crown Books or directly from MMS Publishing for $13.53, including tax and shipping. The address is 12400 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1450, Los Angeles, Calif., 90025.

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