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The Case of 2 Abandoned Babies and Those Eager to Adopt Them

December 03, 1989

The American Assn. of University Women supports the right of every woman to safe and comprehensive reproductive health care. AAUW believes that decisions concerning reproductive health care are personal ones and that the right to make informed decisions should be available to all women.

AAUW advocates choice in determination of one's reproductive life. Among a woman's most basic civil rights is the freedom to make informed choices concerning her reproductive health within the dictates of her religious and moral beliefs. Economic status should not restrict her ability to make this choice.

The AAUW is greatly concerned about attacks on family planning and restrictions on access to abortion. Cutting family planning means an increase in abortions, school dropouts, cancer deaths and sexually transmitted diseases, especially among teen-agers and minorities.

In California, the right to privacy regarding abortion is subject to interpretation by the state Supreme Court. As we have just seen in the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Webster case, courts are unpredictable and can change legal precedents.

Poll after poll has demonstrated solid support for reproductive rights. Yet those rights remain at risk.



Marshall is president of the Orange Branch of the AAUW

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