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SMALLTALK : "What do you think Santa Claus wants for Christmas?"

December 20, 1989|Times staff writer Angel D. Ayala interviewed these children from Maxwell Elementary School in Duarte

Rosario Anguiano, Third grade, 8 years old:

"For all the kids in the world to be good."

Gregory Bienvenue, Third grade, 8 years old:

"He wants the reindeer to leave Rudolph alone and stuff."

Monique Navarro, Second grade, 7 years old:

"Some toys 'cause he always works, and he never gets a day off to play with them and check if they're nice."

Oscar Cardenas, First grade, 6 years old:

"Toys, little trees, little motorcycles, cookies to eat, a car and a computer."

Raymundo Miramontes, Third grade, 9 years old:

"People who are nice and a book so he can write who is bad and nice."

Juan Iniguez, Third grade, 8 years old:

"Warm clothes."

Victor Garcia, Third grade, 9 years old


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