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December 24, 1989

STOLEN BLESSINGS by Lawrence Sanders (Berkley: $4.95). Tyrannical actress Marilyn Taylor is upstaged by a theft in one of her few acts of largess.

A THIEF OF TIME by Tony Hillerman (Harper Paperbacks: $4.95). Navajo police officers Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee search for a missing anthropologist in the Southwest.

PEARL by Tabitha King (Signet: $4.95). Tiny Nodd Ridge, Maine, suits Pearl Dickerson fine as a new home; and so do the attentions of two gentlemen callers.

THE VEILED ONE by Ruth Rendell (Ballantine: $4.95). Gwen Robson could not have anticipated her last shopping day would end with her being strangled to death in a mall garage.


WILDERNESS: The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison (Vintage: $6.95). Poems, diary excerpts, and a previously planned self-interview comprise this collection of unpublished work.

THE LAST DAYS OF THE NEW YORKER by Gigi Mahon (Plume: $8.95). Mahon unfolds a take-over situation that implicates the venerable magazine's own culpability in its demise.

BEYOND POWER: On Women, Men and Morals by Marilyn French (Ballantine: $11.95). French conducts a historical analysis of the patriarchal-hierarchy underpinnings of modern society and concludes that any future structure must be modified to include feminine sensibilities.

SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER: The Father of a Prodigy Observes the World of Chess by Fred Waitzkin (Penguin: $7.95). Three years of accompanying his gifted son to various tournaments initiated the author into the unique, intense, eccentric conclaves of world-championship chess.

NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS by George Catlin (Penguin: $9.95). In the 1800s, Catlin lived among, wrote about and painted the Crow, Blackfoot, Sioux, Mandan, Cheyenne et al American Indians (includes 50 black-and-white photos).


SHOPPING FOR A BETTER WORLD by Ben Corson, Alice Tepper Marlin, Jonathan Schorsch, Anitra Swaminathan and Rosalyn Will (Ballantine: $4.95). Your dollars can be your conscience during the day-after sales with this guide to socially and environmentally sensitive corporations.

L.A.'S 99 Best HOLE-IN-THE-WALL RESTAURANTS by P. B. Miller (Guide: $6.95). And afterwards, if you don't have a lot of money, but are obviously discriminating--visit one of these classic or new eateries that won't empty your wallet.

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