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THE '80s A Special Report : TASTE MAKERS : Presenting the big players and major ideas that--for better or worse--shaped the 1980s. This is Calendar's fifth annual Taste Makers report, expanded this time to cover the last 10 years in the following categories: Show Business Execs, Film Producers, Film Directors and Writers, Stage, TV, Music, Dance, Pop Music, Jazz, Comedy, Radio, Art and Restaurants. : A WEEK'S FAREWELL TO THE '80s

December 24, 1989

Today, Calendar begins a weeklong look back at the 1980s by the Times' critics and writers.


An assessment of the aesthetic currents of the decade by William Wilson and a report by art writer Suzanne Muchnic on how art became bigger money. Plus, a report on art, government and censorship.

TUESDAY: Music/Dance

Martin Bernheimer looks at the decade of the Big 3 at the Los Angeles Philharmonic--Carlo Maria Guilini, Andre Previn, and Ernest Fleischmann--as well as other highlights of the '80s. Lewis Segal reviews the last 10 years in dance.

The toll of the AIDS epidemic on the arts and how the community has--and has not--responded. By Sean Mitchell. WEDNESDAY: TV

Howard Rosenberg examines programming trends and events and picks his best shows of the '80s. Rick Du Brow analyzes changes in viewing habits. Diane Haithman explores what could be shown and said on TV and how that changed. Plus, a list of the top-rated programs of decade.


Dennis McDougal reports on the major trends in radio: shock jocks, buyouts, format changes.


Dan Sullivan on the evolution of theater in the 1980s. Sylvie Drake reviews theater news, and Times reviewers look back at the best from Southern California's smaller theaters.

FRIDAY: Movies

Jack Mathews spotlights the major trends in Hollywood. Elaine Dutka reviews the business of the movies.


Ruth Reichl reports on how Southern California became the most diverse eating scene in the country due to the growth in ethnic restaurants.


Robert Hilburn takes a look back at the musical and social currents of the '80s. Steve Hochman previews the new lineup in the record business. Richard Cromelin looks at the L.A. scene and Jonathan Gold examines the rise of rap.


Leonard Feather's Silver Anniversary Golden Feather Awards.

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