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Myths of the 80s.

December 30, 1989

An Orange County basketball team, a new airport, a new jail, a professional sports team that wins the Super Bowl or World Series, affordable housing, a Pacific Amphitheatre concert that doesn't blast the neighbors, safe sex, reliable birth control, Supervisor Harriett M. Wieder's college degree.

Humor we needed.

Zippy the Pinhead, David Letterman, Calvin and Hobbes, Tracy Ullman, The Far Side, Jay Leno.

Phrases and acronyms we want to say goodby to.

Dinks, yuppies, nimby, AA, CA, DA (oy-vay!), where's the beef, kinder and gentler anything, like, awesome, dude, totally, gnarly (and anything else Sean Penn might have said in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High").

Things we did in pursuit of maximizing our potential.

Networking, fast-track, male bonding, junk bonding, tooth bonding, James Bonding, taking a lunch, doing lunch, power lunch, power walking, power ties, power anything .

Things we don't understand.

Tractor pulls, post-modern anything, earrings on men.

'80s stuff we'll miss.

"Hill Street Blues," drive-in movies, Reggie Jackson, Muhammad Ali, the Evil Empire, welfare cheats driving Cadillacs.

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