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CSU Taylor Ranch Plan a 'Gambler's' Bluff

January 04, 1990

The CSU chancellor has, in one single interview, attempted to intimidate ("Taylor Ranch or nothing"), precluded proper environmental review according to state law ("There are no alternatives available"), and established very clearly that the CSU administration's opinion is the only basis for decision-making.

An ultimatum is a ploy used by both gamblers and bullies. It can be a dangerous strategy because the gambit can be turned around on the perpetrator. There is always the possibility that the gambler's bluff will be called, and the bully will ultimately meet someone who will stand his ground.

The Environmental Coalition has demonstrated convincingly why the university on the Taylor Ranch is not an equitable trade-off. The benefits from the university do not compensate for the radical shift in planning policies and unmitigable impacts on the project site.

There are alternatives. The recent study, completed by the Environmental Coalition, offers for all to see what may turn out to be the environmentally superior alternative.

Unfortunately, the chancellor's office has decided to ignore the light at the end of the tunnel and, perhaps more importantly, failed to recognize that the light is not the opening--but an oncoming train.

We'll pick up the gauntlet, call the bet, and stand our ground.

But we would rather see the university established where the experts said it should go in the first place.



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