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COMPUTERS : Software for Search-and-Employ Missions

January 07, 1990|PAUL CIOTTI \f7

WRITING MAGAZINE articles can give writers fits. You go out and interview 30 people, fill up a dozen notebooks, have books and magazines scattered all over the desk and floor. Then, when you need a particular fact or quote, you can waste so much time looking for it that you just give up and type it up from memory--and that can give your editor fits.

Now with programs like PC-Browse, the search is infinitely easier. PC-Browse is an open-ended pop-up program that allows you to leave your current file with a keystroke, instantly search another file (or whole directory of files), capture a quote and then automatically paste it back in your story, all without leaving your original file. Furthermore, since you keep your original file in memory, there's no waiting time to store it or reload it. You can instantly bounce back and forth between your main file and your search files with just a keystroke. Every time you pop it up, PC-Browse returns to where you last left it. You can then continue the search or go back to earlier ones (as many as 10).

As a general purpose program, PC-Browse isn't aimed only at writers: Business people can use it to call up lists of telephone numbers or addresses. Auto parts stores can use it to locate parts numbers to merge them into the invoice.

Other applications suggested by the publisher:

--Looking up information when you're doing something else.

--Finding a lost memo when all you remember is a word or two from it .

--Cross-referencing your family tree. PC-Browse is a share-ware program available for $12 from computer bulletin boards, distribution companies or the publisher: Quicksoft, 219 1st Avenue North, 224, Seattle, Wash . 98109; (206) 282-0452.

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