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1990s: The Golden Decade : REFLECTIONS : 'There was a chance for us.'

January 15, 1990|Luz Villarreal

Sheue-Ling Su, 29

Alhambra real estate associate

Came to the U.S. in 1975

"Personally, I really like the United States. There were no difficulties for me. Except, English is so hard because I'm still learning.

"I still prefer our Oriental cultural background. We are more close to the family. We always respect elderly people and we don't believe in divorce.

"I think in the United States there is more opportunity. We started from zero. We didn't have any money. But we worked hard and there was a chance for us and we made it.

"They (her nieces and nephews) always say they are American, not Chinese. We tell them, 'No matter what, even if you are born here, you are still Chinese because you are all Chinese-blooded. But they learn Chinese at home. Every Saturday we send them to Chinese schools to learn Mandarin and how to write some of the characters.

"I'm proud of my culture, but sometimes I think, how come I don't want to go back? But I think I don't have this kind of opportunity overseas. Here, there is still more freedom."

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