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January 21, 1990


BLUE BELLE by Andrew Vachss (Signet: $4.95). New York pimps become the exclusive clients of an unlicensed detective when they offer a reward to stop the threat to their livelihood.

WINGS OF A DOVE by Elaine Barbieri (Jove: $4.95). Nineteenth-Century "orphan trains" provide the setting for this story of love lost and found.

A STRANGER'S HOUSE by Bret Lott (Washington Square: $7.95). A couple, unable to conceive, find a fertile history attached to the old Cape house they have purchased, and its quaint caretakers.

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION No. 10: A Rock and a Hard Place by Peter David (Pocket: $3.95). Commander Riker takes leave of the Enterprise to assist in developing a new colony, but unforeseen difficulties develop with the mission--and his replacement.

LULLABY by Ed McBain (Avon: $4.95). Parents return home to discover their joyous celebration of the New Year had been grievously premature.


AGE WAVE by Ken Dychtwald Ph.D. and Joe Flower (Bantam: $9.95). Authors assess what effects the graying of America will have on our institutional, social and cultural lives.

WAYNE GRETZKY by Stephen Hanks (St. Martin's: $3.95). Biography, including statistics, of the athlete who could single-handedly pull the L.A. Kings out of the Ice Age.

THE HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS by Ethan Mordden (Fireside: $12.95). During their peak, the films of major studios like MGM, Warner, and RKO had distinct, identifiable styles, which are traced here.

MURDER IN LITTLE ROCK by Jan Meins (St. Martins: $4.50). Little Rock continues to mull over a prominent attorney's claim that two flower-delivery men burst into his home and killed his wife.

WAITING FOR PRIME TIME: The Women in Television News (Perennial: $8.95). Sanders, a veteran newswoman, provides first-person and historical data that chart women's roles in broadcasting.


SELLING A SCREENPLAY by Syd Field (Dell: $9.95). In addition to offering a systematic marketing approach, this book contains frank interviews with the writers of "Platoon," "Mask," "Terms of Endearment" et al.

HOW TO WRITE A ROMANCE AND GET IT PUBLISHED by Kathryn Falk (Signet: $5.95). Publisher of "Romantic Times" and a few of her most successful friends in this lucrative market outline some salable techniques.

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