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Pomona Mayor Clarifies Vote on 'Gay Rights Week'

February 15, 1990

As a Christian, I feel the need to clarify my vote on the issue of "Gay-Human Rights Week" (Times, Feb. 1).

I feverishly wrestled with this subject the weekend prior to the vote. I prayed about this issue as well.

This proclamation did not speak to the issue of what is right or what is wrong. It dealt with the issue of non-discrimination and human rights, and I quote from its contents, "Whereas, Pomona seeks to promote the spirit of non-discrimination in all areas of life, we acknowledge the week of June 24-30, 1990, as Gay-Human Rights Week."

We did not approve parades or other celebrations to be held during this week, as some of our residents assumed after reading the news article.

If my vote was wrong, then the Lord will deal with me! Criminals have rights, even though I don't always agree with the fact that they should. As an elected official, I must represent all people, from all walks of life, whether or not I agree with their life styles, religion or beliefs.

Gay people have been around for many, many years. They are not going to "go away!" Whether we like it or not, they have human rights!

Many callers to my office wanted to know why this issue appeared on our council agenda. Since this issue was championed by Clay Bryant, I can only suggest that he be consulted, since I cannot answer for him.

Some day, I pray, that people and groups will stop being labeled! We are all Americans! We all have human rights!

DONNA SMITH, Mayor, Pomona

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