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Realtor Not Needed

February 25, 1990

Week after week I look forward to reading the Real Estate section, only to be infuriated by Robert Bruss' column where he insists that the only wise purchase or sale of a home is through a real estate agent.

With customary real estate commissions running at 6% and home prices fetching unbelievably large sums, it's no wonder people are looking for ways to save money.

Four years ago, my husband placed an ad in our local paper. "Family of four looking for larger home. Fruit trees, pool desirable."

Our ad was answered by a local couple whose recent listing with a real estate agency had produced no buyer. This couple was able to drop $24,000 off the price of their home to us and still net the same amount they would have had their buyer come through their real estate agent.

Having found this house, we, in turn, placed a new ad advertising our home. Within two weeks of listing our house at $10,000 less than the amount needed if we had used an agent, we were approached by an interested party. Within another two months, escrows had closed on both our new house and our old house.

And I'd like to add that we found it infinitely more rewarding to deal directly with our buyers and sellers. No third party slowing down communications and making escrows "white knuckler" experiences. No "professional" real estate agents phoning and telling us they are coming by and then never showing up.

No real estate agents arriving unexpectedly at the front door while I'm sorting laundry all over the family room and then swearing up and down that they had just phoned but no one was home!

As for paper work on our escrows, the title company and escrow offices supplied all the necessary forms required by law. Four years after our sale and purchase, all parties have remained satisfied.


La Canada Flintridge

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