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Not Enough Homes

February 25, 1990

Congratulations are due the United Neighbors of Temple Beaudry and City West for negotiating $6.5 million to create 80 units of affordable housing within 3 miles of Watt's City Center West, and linked to that 1,610,000 square foot project ("Model for the Future" by David M. Kinchen, Feb. 4).

It is high time for ". . . the first project in the area (with) . . . approval linked to replacement low-income housing."

But it simply isn't enough.

L.A. 2000 says: "As Los Angeles becomes more job-rich, it will also become housing poor . . . this imbalance could increase the number of vehicle hours travelled by more than 300%."

L.A. Housing Task Force report says: "The gap between supply and demand grows by 11,000 (housing) units each year." The Air Quality Management Plan calls for 100 dwelling units for every 165 jobs. City Center West will add 5,000 jobs and 80 housing units (40 are replacement of demolitions) in a 3-mile radius of the site.

It is not enough.



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