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Ventura County News Roundup

VENTURA : Crack Cocaine, Cash Seized at House

March 14, 1990|CAROL WATSON

Nearly two ounces of crack cocaine with a $10,000 street value and more than $3,100 in cash were seized at a Ventura home, police said Tuesday.

Officers were led to the house at 2466 Fernwood Drive by two men whom they had stopped for a traffic violation, Sgt. Steve Bowman said.

Officers Ross Nideffer and Jim Cubitt stopped a car driven by Clarence Fisher, 18, of Altadena when Nideffer recognized Fisher as the suspect in a theft reported the week before, Bowman said.

Fisher had no driver's license and gave several different addresses, police said. His companion, Christopher Harmon, 22, of Altadena gave a false name, according to authorities.

Fisher offered to lead the officers to his house to retrieve his identification, Bowman said.

When the officers arrived, they found the three-bedroom house devoid of furniture. However, the officers saw a set of scales commonly used in weighing cocaine for sale.

They obtained a search warrant. The Special Investigations Division of the Ventura Police Department subsequently found the money and drugs as well as a kitchen stocked with paraphernalia for making rock cocaine.

Fisher and Harmon were charged with possession of cocaine for sale and giving false information to a police officer. The two men were taken to Ventura County Jail.

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