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March 18, 1990|ROBERT W. GUENTHER

Just how tautly tuned is your knowledge of the trivia of travel? Test yourself with our quiz, designed for active or armchair wanderers. Score five points for a question with a single answer and one point for each correct segment of a multiple-answer question. For example, a perfect score for No. 1 would be seven points, for No. 3, five points. Get everything right and you'll total 67 points.

1. Underground railroads. London, Mexico City, Paris, Moscow and New York all have subways. Which is:

(a) The longest?

(b) The most ornate?

(c) The busiest?

(d) The oldest?

(e) The Metro?

2. Flying the flag. Match the country with its national airline.

(a) Varig (1) U.S.S.R.

(b) KLM (2) Australia

(c) Olympic (3) Columbia

(d) Sabena (4) Netherlands

(e) Lufthansa (5) Costa Rica

(f) Iberian (6) Belgium

(g) Aeroflot (7) Brazil

(h) Avianca (8) Greece

(i) Quantas (9) Germany

(j) LASCA (10) Spain

3. Twin Tarmacs. Speaking of air travel, what do the international airports of New York City and La Paz, Bolivia have in common?

4. For good measure. Asia is the world's largest continent and Mt. Everest is its highest peak. Name:

(a) The world's largest island.

(b) Africa's smallest country.

(c) South America's newest nation.

(d) Australia's oldest city.

(e) Europe's tallest mountain.

(f ) North America's lowest point.

(g) Asia's longest river.

5. Island hopping. Match the islands with the nations that rule them.

(a) Azores (1) Ecuador

(b) Society (2) Portugal

(c) Canary (3) U.S.S.R.

(d) Aran (4) United States

(e) Kuril (5) Spain

(f) Faroes (6) Great Britain

(g) Orkney (7) Denmark

(h) Galapagos (8) Ireland

(i) Aleutian (9) France

6. Only the name has been changed. One thing that keeps cartographers busy is when cities and nations change identities. Thus when Stalingrad becomes Volgograd and Persia is transformed into Iran the call goes out for new maps. Can you update these switches? (a) Constantinople is now . . .

(b) The Gold Coast is now . . .

(c) St. Petersburg is now . . .

(d) Abyssinia is now . . .

(e) Edo is now . . .

(f) Siam is now . . .

7. Name that tune. Fill in the name of the missing state in the following song titles.

(a) "Stars Fell on . . ."

(b) "Moonlight in . . ."

(c) "Deep in the Heart of . . ."

(d) "Carry Me Back to Old . . ."

(e) "Autumn in . . . 8. Geography lesson. Name the city or country in which you would find:

(a) Taj Mahal

(b) The Forbidden City

(c) Aswan Dam

(d) Victoria Falls

(e) Pitti Palace

(f ) Copacabana Beach

(g) The Outback

(h) Machu Picchu

9. Four-letter word. Spell it with a capital and it can get you into a rental car. Lower cased, it can get you past the border guard.

10. Ferns and flowers. Our own famous Huntington Gardens are located in San Marino. Where would you find these other noted gardens?

(a) Luxembourg

(b) Floating

(c) Tiger Balm

(d) Borghese

(e) Kew

(f ) Kirstenbosch

(g) Alhambra


1. (a) New York. (b) Moscow. (c) Mexico City. (d) London. (e) Paris.

2. a-7, b-4, c-8, d-6, e-9, f-10, g-1, h-3, i-2, j-5.

3. Their names: John F. Kennedy.

4. (a) Greenland. (b) Seychelles. (c) Suriname (1975). (d) Sydney. (e) El'brus (U.S.S.R.), 18,510 feet. (f ) Death Valley. (g) Chang Jiang (Yangtze), 3,964 miles.

5. a-2, b-9, c-5, d-8, e-3, f-7, g-6, h-1, i-4.

6. Istanbul, Ghana, Leningrad, Ethiopia, Tokyo, Thailand.

7. Alabama, Vermont, Texas, Virginia.

8. India; Beijing; Egypt; on the Zambezi River between Zimbabwe and Zambia; Venice; Rio de Janeiro; Australia; Peru.

9. Visa.

10. Paris, Mexico City, Singapore, Rome, London, Cape Town, Granada.

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