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Dana Carvey Makes the Comic-Actor Crossover : Movies: The boyish comedian of 'Saturday Night Live' fame tries his funny-man talents on the big screen.


"It's not a film that's going to hold up well under intense scrutiny," he said. "I mean, film students probably shouldn't write papers about it. It's a light romantic comedy."

Carvey says his next role--in the film "Beverly Hills Ninja" set to start filming in June-- will be light years away from this movie.

"It's avant-garde, new-wave comedy" in the style of Peter Sellers, Carvey said.

Carvey has also gotten offers for a film starring his Church Lady character, but dismisses those as "a short career. That's 15 minutes of fame for sure."

But, don't get him wrong. That self-righteous Satan basher will still be around on "Saturday Night Live" episodes to excoriate celebrities and prattle on about the insidious "Prince of Darkness."

"I like the character, I'm very proud of it," Carvey said. "It was kind of satisfying because a lot of comedians had done either a priest or an evangelist . . . but no one had done those women behind the punch bowl: those women in orthopedic shoes, very androgynous, short hair, asexual, very judgmental."

Indeed, Carvey says he plans to stay on "Saturday Night Live" for as long as they'll have him, or at least for another season, when his five-year contract runs out.

"After struggling 10 years as a stand-up, to get on "Saturday Night Live" . . . I never just wanted to do 10 shows, get a hit character and bounce out of there," Carvey says. "You look back on people that have done three, four, five seasons there and they have a legacy that they can be proud of. . . . I feel like I would just love to be connected to that whole legacy. And hopefully next year will be my best year."

So, where does he see himself in another 10 years?

"Oh, probably on Hollywood Boulevard in a tattered dress holding my hand out saying (in a quavering voice) 'Isn't that special?' Hoping for a quarter, a dime or a nickel. People would say: 'Who's that?' 'Oh, he used to be the Church Lady.' "

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