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The Week's Other Prime-time Films


James Toback's 1983 Exposed (KTLA, Sunday at 8 p.m.) is a drenchingly romantic thriller, stronger in style than credibility, in which an ambiguous angel of death (Nastassia Kinski) captivates a concert violinist (Rudolf Nureyev) and also a Paris-based terrorist (Harvey Keitel).

Jackson County Jail (KTLA, Monday at 8 p.m.) is that terrific, provocative 1976 exploitation picture that landed liberated Los Angeles ad executive Yvette Mimieux in a backwoods hoosegow with scary and pertinent implications. Here Tommy Lee Jones makes an exciting screen debut.

King of the Gypsies (KCOP, Monday at 8 p.m.) brought Peter Maas' engrossing 1978 multigenerational saga to the screen in synthetic, all-star fashion.

The 1985 That Was Then, This Is Now (KCOP, Tuesday at 8 p.m.) is a sincere film about two delinquents, starring Craig Sheffer and Emilio Estevez.

Switching Channels (KTLA, Wednesday at 8 p.m.), that frenetic, misfired 1988 attempt to update "The Front Page" to the cable business, traps Kathleen Turner, Burt Reynolds and Christopher Reeve in an enervating, joyless endurance course.

Julien Temple's Earth Girls Are Easy (KTTV, Wednesday at 8 p.m.) is a jazzy, snazzy 1988 rock musical about a dumped-on Valley girl (Geena Davis), who ushers three girl-crazy extraterrestrials (Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans) around town after they crash-land in her swimming pool. Fluff, but fun.

Chariots of Fire (KCOP, Wednesday at 8 p.m.), the 1981 multi-Oscar winner, traces the parallel lives of two very different British athletes who competed in the 1924 Olympics.

The 1985 Stick (KTLA, Thursday at 8 p.m.) took a gem of an Elmore Leonard novel and turned it into a mediocre Burt Reynolds vehicle.

Like all anthology comedies, the 1987 Amazon Women on the Moon (KTLA, Friday at 8 p.m.) is a hit-and-miss affair, with the hits outweighing the misses to yield an amiable enough diversion.

Reckless (KTLA, Saturday at 8 p.m.) is a shallow, irresponsible 1984 feature teaming then newcomer Aidan Quinn as a small-town Brando-Dean type entangled with bored rich girl Daryl Hannah.

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