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Greece, Austria Offer Discounts on Transportation Passes

April 15, 1990|JACK ADLER

Greece is continuing its discount transportation card, which offers unlimited second-class rail as well as bus travel. It's good for 10, 20 or 30 consecutive days.

The passes, which must be bought in Greece, are available for one to five persons.

Based on the current value of the dollar, rates for one person for a 10-day pass is about $45. For 20 days it's $61, and for 30 days $86. The tab for two, three or four persons is higher.

For a group of five, though, the cost would be about $120 for a 10-day pass, $160 for 20 days and $190 for 30 days.

The discount from regular rail and bus prices is about 45%, according to a spokesman for the Greek National Tourist Organization.

For more information, contact the Greek National Tourist Organization, 611 West 6th St., Los Angeles 90017, (213) 626-6696.

The Austrian Railway Network is continuing to offer its Rabbit Card. This pass offers any four days out of a 10-day period for unlimited travel on the rail network. The Rabbit Card costs $106 for first-class, up from $99, and $73 for second-class, up from $68.

Another option is a one-month pass that costs $357 first-class and $238 second-class, the same prices as last year. This pass also allows unlimited rail travel, but on a consecutive-day basis.

Both passes also allow unlimited travel on narrow-gauge trains throughout Austria, not all of which are part of the rail system, and for boat trips on Lake St. Wolfgang. In addition, there's a 50% discount on all scheduled boat service on the Danube River within Austria and on boat trips on Lake Constance.

Neither rail pass can be bought in the United States, but can be at major train stations and travel agencies in other Western European countries, as well as in Austria.

For more information, contact the Austrian National Tourist Office, 11601 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2480, Los Angeles 90025, (213) 477-3332.

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