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Top-Rated Ads Have Industry Execs Asking: Is Madison Avenue Dead?

April 17, 1990|BRUCE HOROVITZ

Saatchi & Saatchi DFS/Pacific, the Torrance agency that already creates ads for Toyota nationally and for 12 Toyota dealer associations, last week won the estimated $3.5-million account for the San Diego County Toyota Dealers Assn.

The agency will now create ads used by more than 500 Toyota dealers nationally.

Campaign to Take 'Roger & Me' Approach

Advertising does imitate movies. And soon, it will be imitating one of last year's most widely discussed films, "Roger & Me."

"After I saw 'Roger & Me,' I was overwhelmed by the sheer brilliance and humor of the film," said Donald Deutsch, executive vice president and creative director of New York ad agency Deutsch Inc. The film is a loosely made documentary about General Motors layoffs in Flint, Mich., over several years. Much of the film features discussions with citizens of Flint about the problems there.

Deutsch has hired the unofficial king of TV documentaries, Gary Weiss, who directed numerous short films aired during "Saturday Night Live." Weiss will direct a series of documentary-type ads that Deutsch expects to create for Ikea, a Swedish furniture chain. All of the ads will feature offbeat interviews with real people.

Said Deutsch: "I guess you can say the spots will be like the 'Roger & Me' of advertising."

Half of All Junk Mail Gets Read, Firm Says

Everyone complains about junk mail, but a surprising number of Americans also open and read through it.

The typical American receives 14 pieces of junk mail every week--such as catalogues and general mailers--and reads more than half of them, according to Bruskin Associates, a New Brunswick, N.J., market research firm. "Not a bad percentage," said Lou Bender, president of Bruskin Associates. "Assuming your mail is in the right half."

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