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Ho, My! Master of Malaprops Not Confined by Boundaries

April 18, 1990|HARLEY TINKHAM

Houston pitcher Bill Gullickson, who played in Japan last year, told the Houston Chronicle that he was discussing his experiences with Astro coach Yogi Berra when Berra asked, "How's Don Ho doing?"

He meant Sadaharu Oh.

Take your choice: When Detroit Tiger President Bo Schembechler was pitching at Miami of Ohio, he faced an Ohio State team that had Jim Campbell, outgoing Tiger president, in right field.

Schembechler told the Atlanta Journal: "I can't tell you much about the game, but I know damn well he didn't get a hit."

Said Campbell: "I remember that fat little left-hander. He's so full of it. I hit three ropes off of him."

Trivia time: What do U.S. Amateur golf champion Chris Patton and Chicago Bear defensive tackle William Perry have in common?

For the record: In Tuesday's trivia answer, the RBI totals for Dave Winfield and Jim Rice were career totals, not 1980s totals.

Breaking the bank: If you haven't been impressed by the salary of first baseman Will Clark of the San Francisco Giants, look at it this way: The gross amount on his paycheck every two weeks comes to $144,231.

Not so fast: Baseball scout Dick Bank of Los Angeles claims that Bob Feller is dreaming when he said his fastball would have been clocked at 105 to 107 m.p.h. by modern radar guns.

"Also," Bank said, "it wasn't a radar gun that clocked Nolan Ryan when he set his record. He was clocked by a team from Rockwell International."

Postscript: Bank said he put a radar gun on Feller at an old-timers' game a few years ago at Dodger Stadium. The clocking: 59 m.p.h. Feller is 71.

Would-you-believe-it Dept.: On the Texas Rangers, General Manager Tom Grieve, Manager Bobby Valentine and pitching coach Tom House all are younger than pitcher Nolan Ryan.

Holding firm: From Larry Johnson of Nevada Las Vegas, continuing to insist that he and Stacey Augmon won't turn pro: "I'm coming back and make Stacey player of the year next year. He deserves it."

Growing club: Harry Neale, former Detroit Red Wing coach, on the team's turnover of coaches: "We had a golf tournament for ex-Red Wing coaches and had to rent three courses."

Trivia answer: Both are from Clemson and both weigh more than 300 pounds.

Quotebook: Dennis Rodman, Detroit Piston forward: "I'm not in this game for money. But people tell me I'm underpaid."

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