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South Pasadena Must Consider Surrounding Areas

April 22, 1990

I'm writing in regard to the letter E. R. McClure wrote (Times, April 15). Of course I agree on all of the valid points that were brought up.

I would like to bring to attention the much feared and overdue Long Beach Freeway. The freeway is a necessity; we can't wait for more buses from RTD and/or Metro Rail lines in the very far future.

South Pasadena's politicians would like to say that the Meridian variation would destroy many old houses and ruin a school. But, the sacrifice that our city would have to endure would be far less than the cities of Los Angeles and Pasadena.

As far as our school goes, do we as citizens of South Pasadena really care? I think not, because if we're behind our schools then we would have voted for the extra property taxes to benefit our schools. Let's stop blaming Jarvis and Proposition 13.

If our city could only act like a small city that cares about its residents as well as the residents of the surrounding communities including El Sereno, then South Pasadena would have a lot more integrity, compared to what our city has today.

If I could only win the Lotto, then I would run for mayor of South Pasadena.


South Pasadena

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