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'Urbanopolis' Fervor Not Universal

April 22, 1990

I was shocked when I read Leon Whiteson's article on "Universal's 'Urbanopolis' " (April 15). It seemed to me that Whiteson failed to point out that there are many people who are not as enthusiastic about MCA's previous, current and proposed development as those whom he interviewed.

The map for Universal City with Whiteson's article does not show that there is an established neighborhood of single-family residences west of Barham Boulevard and north of the Hollywood Freeway. This neighborhood, Hollywood Manor, is just east of Universal City's property line.

MCA Development is now forced to contend with neighbors in Hollywood Manor who are concerned by MCA's present grading of a road and applications MCA has put forth that seek to alter a conditional use permit issued 10 years ago by the county to protect the homeowners interests and their properties.

The "City Walk" project is directly linked with our concerns as MCA/Universal is faced with the problems of inadequate parking and its need for a new public access road that will bring their customers in and then send them out on their way onto the already heavily congested Hollywood Freeway.

It is an altogether common occurrence to find the Hollywood Freeway at a virtual standstill as it winds through the Cahuenga Pass. The traffic situation is no better at Barham, since this throughway is being used for access into Burbank, North Hollywood and Glendale.

The proposed developments will certainly have a detrimental effect on the traffic flow through these areas. If MCA/Universal is allowed to continue its avoidance of an environmental impact report, the present situation could reach gridlock.

It will take much more than an MCA model of "Urbanopolis" to bring our community toward the state of being "not unhappy." It will also take a thorough legal and political investigation before we can join Jane Blumenfeld in calling the MCA project "pretty exciting."


Hollywood Hills

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