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Symptoms of Senioritis: Laziness and Burnout

May 04, 1990

Its symptoms are many, but there's only one cure.

Senioritis, as a disease, knows no discrimination. It may strike anyone at any time and in any number of ways. While it is next to impossible to treat, it can be cured--by graduation.

Hot Topics wonders, "What is your definition of senioritis?"

"I don't know, but I've had it since I was a freshman."

Lisa Smith, 17, senior, Laguna Hills

"Homework seems like quicksand, pep rallies no longer have appeal, and your class ring is too tight on your finger."

Stephanie La Soya, 17, senior,

Southern California Christian

"Total lack of willingness to do much of anything important."

Dan Cotman, 18, senior, Foothill

"Getting lazy and burned out on school, ditching at least three times a week and seducing all the younger women."

Rob Lindley, 17, senior, Dana Hills

"Relaxing in class and having fun, but also having a fear that I may never see my high school friends again."

Mark Diggs, 18, senior, Tustin

"Longing for the beach, freedom and more mature college guys; to get away from teachers and homework."

Marisa Zubas, 17, senior, Heritage

"A lack of willingness to think intellectually."

Andy Hseih, 18, senior, Irvine

"When you've only been in school one or two months and you're counting the days until graduation."

Suzanna Evans, 18, senior, Loara

"Just a lack of motivation; not liking school but looking forward to next year."

Tiffany Mennen, 17, senior, University

"That queasy feeling you feel in your stomach long about April of your 13th year of school that makes you want to throw off all your clothes, climb atop a large building, and parachute stark naked instead of attending calculus class."

Paul Ohm, 17, senior, Ocean View

"A time of the year when your brain goes dead and you can't remember the last Monday you were at school."

Angie Luzio, 17, senior, Huntington Beach

"It starts when you get sick of high school, but when the end is near, you start thinking of your friends. The true definition: Seniors wanting to get rid of school, not friends."

Brian Gomez, 17, senior,

Southern California Christian

"Sacrificing my education to go to the beach."

Todd Neville, 18, senior, Foothill

"When a senior wants to graduate and get out of school so bad that it hurts and burns inside every time he or she thinks about it. It makes seniors dread waking up in the morning to go to school and sit through classes for 6 1/2 hours."

Ser Derakhshanian, 18, senior, Loara

"Only going to class on field trips."

J.B. Taylor, 17, senior, Dana Hills

"A state of confusion and not wanting to deal with school because you're worrying about college."

Alevya Spitalny, 18, senior, University

"Senioritis makes you fall asleep first period, second period, third period. . . ."

Alan Nguyen, 18, senior, Ocean View

"I can't define it because I've always had it. I don't know what not having it feels like."

Yoon Kin, 17, senior, Huntington Beach

"Ditch school, goof around, speed down the freeway as fast as your car will go, toilet-paper everyone's house, and party."

David Berryman, 16, senior, Heritage

"A phase which most seniors go through in which they feel their future is such and they can't do anything to change it."

Jae Chong, 18, senior, Loara

"Having enough empty beer cans to take out a date on the money you make from recycling."

Jim Kilmurray, 18, senior, Dana Hills

"The ability to do good work but also being too lazy to do it."

Greg Georgantags, 18, senior, Tustin

"Not giving a damn about anything any more."

Rachel Hess, 18, senior, University

"It results in laziness and a lack of cooperation between teachers and students. The first signs of this condition are ditching school and unfinished homework."

Sarah Becker, 17, senior,

Southern California Christian

"Being all-consumed by that one single glorious day when one graduates. . . . Vegetating until that moment."

Arthur Andrews, 18, senior, Heritage

"Disease of being burned out, yet superior in the school."

Rachel Gillespie, 17, senior, Irvine

"Submission of one's mind to go along with the body's natural impulse to not attend school."

Chris Herriott, 17, senior, Loara

"A time of great happiness and also a scary thought, because at one moment it is the greatest moment in your life but after it is over, it will be scary that you will have to actually do something with your life."

Doug Bibens, 17, senior, Laguna Hills

"Being too lazy to pull a book out of your bag in class."

Kelly Coop, 18, senior, Dana Hills

"One word--laziness."

David Redpath, 18, senior, University

"Senioritis starts when you get your first acceptance letter to college. Once you accept one and turn in your statement of intent form, you suddenly think that all you have to do is pass with Cs or better and that high school really doesn't matter. I'm definitely on my downhill side to graduation."

Dianne Dawes, 17, senior, Ocean View

"A lack of academic intensity."

Matt Biewer, 18, senior, Huntington Beach

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