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NEIGHBORS : A ROUNDUP : A Family Affair : The president of the student body attends Oxnard College with her mother, daughter and two sons.

May 10, 1990|LEO SMITH

Ann Jones is confident that she is on the way to realizing her dream of a career in politics.

The 41-year-old Associated Students president of Oxnard College is one of 92 college sophomores in the country to be awarded the Harry S. Truman Scholarship. The maximum $7,000 per year that the scholarship carries will enable Jones to attend UC Santa Barbara next fall, where she will major in sociology and political science.

And her family is very supportive. Very, very supportive. Most of them attend Oxnard College with her--there's daughter Kaysha, sons Keenan and Kendall and mom, yes mom, Edna McBride.

"Mom and I are taking biology class together. We sit right next to each other," said Ann Jones. "We're lab partners. I find everything in the microscope because she says her eyes aren't that good, and she draws everything."

Best of all, Jones and her mother will graduate together in June.

Don't be surprised if you have a hard time getting through to the Thousand Oaks Library today. It's the first day to sign up for the library's extremely popular "Baseball Card and Comic Book Exchange," with the emphasis on cards, set May 24.

What makes this card exchange different? No adults allowed. In fact, no one older than 16 allowed. "We always get a lot of calls from adults, but it wouldn't be fair to the kids," Librarian Janice Arcuria said. "Actually, it may or may not be fair to the kids. Some may be more astute than the adults."

Though no money changes hands, Arcuria said the kids are well aware of the monetary value of their property.

"Most of the kids bring their own price books," she said. "We even heard stories about one kid financing a car with baseball card sales."

But back to the real reason for the exchange.

"They may not be using the library," Arcuria said, "but at least they'll know where we are."

By the way, Bob Hanks, owner of Big Bob's Baseball Cards in Fillmore, knows what all those preteens and early teens know . . . that Bo Jackson cards are the hottest on the market these days, especially the ones made by the Score company.

"It's because of the rumored suing going on between Nike and Score," he said. "The kids know that something is up." (The dispute is over the use of a picture of Jackson that appears on a Nike billboard and on his Score card.)

But Bo isn't the only one who knows fame around here. "Will Clark, Rickey Henderson and Dave Stewart are popular," Hanks said. "A lot of kids here are Oakland fans. The Dodgers are still a favorite, but Oakland is better."

With at least three senior proms planned this weekend in Ventura County, a lot of teen-agers will be renting limousines for the first time.

So, as a public service, we spoke with James Fowler of Home James Limousine Service in Ventura and got some tips on tipping:

How much to tip the driver: Fowler said he expects at least 15% of the average $45 an hour charge. But he wouldn't mind more. The biggest tip he's ever gotten? "Two hundred dollars," he said. "Actually, I got a bigger one here about two weeks ago, but the check bounced."

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