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LETTERS IN VIEW : 'Periodical Problem' Brings Readers' Postal Complaints

May 20, 1990

"A Periodical Problem of Lateness" (May 10) with respect to delayed delivery of periodicals merely touches the tip of the iceberg:

A first-class letter from KCET sent to me on April 18 from ZIP 90027 reached me at ZIP 90036 on May 8.

My DWP bill was sent on April 14 and was received on May 3.

My bank statement was sent to me from Granada Hills on April 18 and was received on May 8.

A parcel post package sent to me on April 12 from Las Vegas has not yet been received.

Someone has said that we have the best postal service in the world. If so, heaven help the rest of the world.


Los Angeles

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