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Rent Control Seen as Unjust, Harmful

May 20, 1990

Why is there such turmoil with Santa Monica rent control and its board? Very simple, it doesn't work.

As much as (Santa Monicans for Renters' Rights) and the proponents of this unjust system proclaim that it works, the results are obvious. We have deteriorating apartment buildings, under-the-table bribes for vacant units (which are going to wealthy tenants), an out-of-control Rent Control Board whose budget is greater than the Los Angeles board's.

This uncontrolled monster, rent control, forces some of our elected officials to push for unwanted projects, like the airport development, for the sole purpose of increased revenue for the city.

The political pendulum is swinging, and a needed change in an archaic system is about to happen.

Los Angeles has lived with decontrol-recontrol for over 12 years. The results there are a competitive rental market, with effective rents staying the same for the past several years.

Rent subsidies are important for the truly needy. But they should be handled like food stamps so that all taxpayers subsidize the program, not a select few landlords.



Santa Monica Board of Realtors

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