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What Made Sammy Fun

May 27, 1990

I read with great interest Jeffrey Hayden's pithy recounting of life among credentialed movie moguls ("Sammy Glick? Sure, Sammy and I Go way Back," Book Review, April 29).

Having worked (as a film designer) with and among Jerry Wald, Buddy Adler and Dore Schary throughout my early career, I can tell you firsthand all three could be meteoric; unpredictable; maddening; sometimes insincere; very often a pain in the butt. But they were also moviemakers .

Unlike the "new Hollywood," Schary, Adler and Wald cared deeply about this business of show. They also worked very hard at making certain audiences get their money's worth.

Being still very active, I for one miss them and their kind with all my heart. I'm certain my colleagues feel the same.

Enough said.

Well, maybe not.



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