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Another Bottleneck?

May 31, 1990

The recent revelation in your newspaper that Glendale City Council members are considering refurbishing Maryland Avenue, from Broadway to Harvard in the same style as was done from Wilson to Broadway is another low blow for Glendale taxpayers.

Aulden Schlatter recently wrote that Maryland in that area is the most expensive street in Glendale. Aulden was being very conservative. That portion of Maryland is probably the most expensive street in the United States.

Another taxpayer was recently quoted as saying the council gets an expensive traffic survey nearly every two years and then proceeds to ignore it. Obviously, no traffic engineer ever suggested the traffic bottleneck that was created when Maryland was redecorated. Another traffic bottleneck in Glendale is exactly what we don't need.

A very reliable source was quoted saying it cost as much to redecorate Maryland from Wilson to Broadway as it cost to redecorate and widen Central Avenue from Lexington to the freeway.

Not only was Maryland extremely expensive to install, but it will be expensive to maintain.

Is it true that Brand Boulevard is to be widened in certain areas only a few years after it was completely renovated at a great expense?

All taxpayers know that the Council made a terrible and expensive mistake when they redecorated Maryland and they hope the Council won't make the same mistake twice. Why they did it the first time is anyone's guess.

AL HOFFMAN, Glendale

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